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Internship Program

We need interns and recent college graduates to build our pipeline of talented professionals. Are you ready to begin a career with a recognized global leader who offers multiple career advancement opportunities?

At 3D Corporate Solutions we want to recruit college candidates with passion, drive and innovative ideas. We want to recruit candidates like you to work at 3D through our 12-week internship program. During our program you will gain practical hands-on experience so that you can begin your full-time professional career with 3D Corporate Solutions once you graduate college.

All of 3D’s internships are designed to provide you with a meaningful work experience so that you can gain practical work experience. Interns work shoulder-to-shoulder with other business professionals on real business issues and are provided with training and guidance that enables them to make an impact.

Contact us to discuss our internship opportunities today.

My internship with the Merchant Trading group at 3D Corporate Solutions began in late May. When I first began my days were kind of slow due to the amount of training that Marchant Trading requires. Although after I got the hang of how things worked my supervisors threw me right into the mix and gave me weekly responsibilities. Every week I was assigned to taking care of the paperwork for all of the chicken meal, pork meal, and rice loads that Merchant Trading is in charge of. I create purchase orders and sales orders, send out dispatches, handle bills of lading, and communicate with suppliers and trucking companies regarding these loads and orders, daily.
Furthermore, when I first applied for this positon I automatically assumed that my job would simply consist of running small errands and filing paperwork, but for me it has been so much more. I also truly enjoy most of the people that I work with. Although, I am the youngest intern and my superiors have a few years of age on me, they all do a really good job of trying to relate to me and make me feel comfortable. I feel a great amount of support from each of them. Most of all, through this experience, I have learned that the true importance of an internship is to get a, realistic, hands on feel for a career field you have an interest in pursuing in the future. I was blessed with this internship at a key point in my life because before taking this opportunity I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in my education or career and as it comes to an end I feel as though I have some direction as to where I need to go from here.

Billie House
Merchant Trading Intern
3D Corporate Solutions, LLC
Agriculture Business Major
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M

Being an intern for 3D Corporate Solutions has truly been rewarding and satisfying. I am currently studying to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management. Therefore, being hired as the logistics intern has been complementary. I have learned valuable information from the logistics aspect of the company to procedures and operations involved to keep the company running. I have gained this knowledge through the projects I have been assigned, which consist of a rate analysis on our truck carriers, rail utilization analysis, and compiling and organizing procedures for importing and exporting animal food. With this I had the opportunity to apply my skills to practical issues that the company has, and needs resolved. I appreciate that my work has been considered and that my analysis might be a tool used in the future to measure performance in certain areas of the company. I love the work environment at 3D. Everyone has been friendly and open to answer questions, and because of this serving mentality of the personnel, I have learned so much about 3D’s different platforms. These valuable experiences and gained skills are what have made working for 3D Corporate Solutions distinctive, enriching, and fun.

Cristal Hernandez
Logistics Intern
3D Corporate Solutions, LLC
Supply Chain Management Major
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

My internship with 3D Corporate Solutions at Pet Solutions has been an awesome experience. Coming into the summer I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was quickly greeted with a warm and fun work environment that helped the start go smoothly. As an electrical engineering student, most of my days were spent with maintenance or the electricians at the plant; getting to know the ins and outs of the plant and helping out with the various mechanical issues that arose with the production machines. During my time at Pet Solutions, the plant was also installing a new dry line that I had the opportunity to help bring from early install periods, to initial tests, and on to full production. This internship allowed me to get hands on, real world experience in an industrial setting while getting to work with great people in an environment where you can look forward to coming to work.

Josh Hall
Electrical Engineering Intern
3D Corporate Solutions, LLC
Electrical Engineering Major
Arkansas Tech University

My internship experience here at 3D was such a pleasant surprise. I came into it prepared to run errands, do a bunch of busy work, and fetch things. You know, a stereotype of an internship. However, I was given projects to work on that were interesting, meaningful, and I was given autonomy to make decisions on many different things. I felt welcomed here from the first day, and the work environment and the people you work with are so great. Another positive aspect of my internship here was the flexibility afforded me. From the hours to the dress code, 3D really tries to work with you and allows you to be an individual.
Internship sponsors really take an interest in you and foster a mentor relationship. As the Human Resources intern, I worked closely with Malinda Owens, VP of HR, and I value everything that I’ve learned from her, as well as the rest of the HR team. The internship experience, in general, is such a valuable tool. It allows you real world insight and experience to what you’re learning in class and textbooks. I feel truly lucky to have had such a positive and educational time here at 3D.

Jenny Burkhart
Human Resources Intern
3D Corporate Solutions, LLC
Industrial Organizational Psychology Major
Masters of Science Graduate Program
Missouri State University

Being an intern at 3D Corporate Solutions has been a great stepping stone on expanding my knowledge in the field of logistics. Through my previous years of experience in transportation and customer operations, I have gained an understanding of logistics and its importance to a company. 3D has allowed me to expand my skill set in the pet food industry, while using my previous food industry knowledge.
My project this summer was to work on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA). Our goal in logistics is to make sure 3D is in compliance with the new federal regulations coming into effect in 2017. Making sure we execute these new laws efficiently and effectively is my main focus. Developing all of the legal documentation and training necessary to execute these laws was my responsibility.
This opportunity has been extremely valuable to me both personally and professionally. Not only was I able to broaden my logistics knowledge, but I worked on tasks that impacted the company’s ability to function in the marketplace. 3D has a culture that most companies are losing sight of in the industry today. Making you feel like part of the family is a key requirement in making a valuable career. Thank you to 3D Corporate Solutions for this truly rewarding experience.

Kali Morris
Logistics Intern
3D Corporate Solutions, LLC

I have learned quite a bit throughout my internship with the New Business Development department here at 3D. My biggest task has been updating, editing, & adding to a previous interns’ project. This project will be valuable to the New Business Development team in many ways and can also be utilized by other departments at the 3D corporate office. I have enjoyed my time here & would recommend it to those I know. I think that this internship program is very valuable and gives prospective interns the opportunity to explore many different and interesting career pathways. It gives students the chance to see all of the possibilities in the business world and learn about their own personal likes and dislikes. For me, the internship was able to show me more about my own personality in the workplace and how to use my strengths. Day to day I perform various tasks such as sending out samples for analysis, working on my current project, and working on contract compliance numbers. This internship taught me many things about working with other people and how important it is to build a positive environment with positive relationships.

Keele Falkner
New Business Development Intern
3D Corporate Solutions, LLC

I would say the best part of working with 3D Corporate Solutions is the environment. I’m not afraid to be myself here. Everyone’s work is as highly valued as his or her personality. Asking for help and advice is encouraged and exercised by all, not just the interns. The mentors are willing to help in any way they can, even by collaborating on projects
The work load was manageable with reasonable deadlines. There were hard dates, but some of my projects were given highest priority with soft dates. Feedback on deliverables is quick and honest. With that being said, quality is recognized quickly, as well. I have exercised the value of my degree with my work here. After my first set of deliverables I was asked to begin thinking about becoming a member of 3D full-time!

Shelby White
ERP Intern
3D Corporate Solutions, LLC
Marketing Major, ERP Minor
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

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