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Food processing plants adhere to strict standards

At 3D Corporate Solutions, the food processing industry is one fraught with potential hazards. Contamination can be a significant issue for suppliers who are unprepared for just how much thought and work goes into avoiding the health risks for both the public and the people working in their plants. Suppliers also have to factor in consideration such as pest control, materials used in packaging and how they affect their products, and even things that might seem minor – like dust.

What to Worry About

Outside of the food processing plant, companies need to consider what allergies consumers may suffer from. Their own products, as well as the the foods they go into, always have to be clearly labeled to protect the public. New allergies and intolerances are still being discovered, so any forward thinking food processing company needs to stay on top of any new information. While nut allergies have been well known for many years, meaning that most foods containing nuts are appropriately labeled, few people were familiar with the term “gluten free” until recently. Now, catering to those with a gluten intolerance is commonplace.

Similarly, organic and natural foods are still relatively new in the long history of food processing. The definitions of terms like “organic” or “natural”, what is or is not appropriate to be included under them, and the public perception and acceptance of them are all things that constantly change. Being able to remain up-to-date with trends in the health food industry is an essential part of effectively serving an extremely specific market. A well-informed and prepared food processing and supply company will be able to cater to any customer in the wake of any industry developments.

Food Processing and Farming Factors

These considerations all still apply when food processing is shifted from providing for people, and on to the supply of pet food ingredients. Bulk supply of pet food is vulnerable to many of the same issues as regular food and ingredients – contaminants, allergies and intolerances, and evolving trends in the perception of food and general health. This not only pertains to household pets, but extends to providing feed for farm animals. Pet food manufacturing is where 3D Corporate Solutions has its roots, and supplying owners with the right food ingredients for their animals is a vital part of the food processing industry.

The complications that can arise from having to consider all these factors and more, stretched across a wide variety of industries and customer bases, are immense. On top of that, however, is also the crucially important practice of keeping in line with FDA standards. With our relationship with food constantly moving forward, the Food & Drug Administration standards and expectations are always changing to keep the public safe. Any company that is involved in food processing will always have to be up-to-date with changes in policy and law, not only for the benefit of avoiding risks, but to make sure their customers know they can trust them.

With 3D Corporate Solutions, you can be sure that our products meet every standard – not just for safety, but quality too. We are a pioneering company, driven by results and always ready for change. Take a look at other pages on our website for more information on the specifics of food safety, what food ingredients we can offer, the importance of animal nutrition and more.