Feed Ingredients and Fish Meal | 3D Corporate Solutions
Feed ingredients like fishmeal are in high demand and the need grows every year. View 3D Corporate Solutions to learn more about fishmeal replacements.
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Using Fish Meal Replacers in Feed Ingredients

There are several options for feed ingredients, however, fish meal is one of the most optimal choices. High quality fish meal is obtained from fresh, raw fish that has been cooked, ground and dried. It is typically found in farm animal feed ingredients and provides several desired qualities.

Benefits of Fish Meal

A benefit to using fish meal in feed ingredients is that fish meal is high in crude protein, averaging about 66% by weight. This is essential to improving immune systems, oxygen flow and muscle tissue. It also contains a healthy amount of fat, averaging about 11% by weight. This is also an important factor in regards to energy density.

Another benefit this feed ingredient offers is a nutrient-rich product that is easy to absorb and digest. High quality fish meal allows for healthy reproduction, development and growth. In addition, it contains an excellent balance of vitamins, minerals and amino and fatty acids.

Fish Meal Demands

Due to the benefits and desirability of fish meal, demand grows every year. Yet the total output and production has been essentially flat. Fish meal production is low because there has to be a balance between responsibly fishing for feed ingredients and providing every food manufacturer with a nutrient-rich product. Finding this balance leads to the prevention of overfishing. However, there are more people in demand of fish meal feed ingredients than there is available fish. Sustainability and purity are important parts of the equation as well. In order to continue to use fish meal, there has be to be strict restrictions and management or a substitute that is equally beneficial.

Fish Meal Replacers

At 3D Corporate Solutions, we offer a high quality fish meal replacer. Through high quality proteins, we have produced a substitute for fish meal that will provide feed ingredients with the same performance and nutrients. This is the solution to a 1MM ton per year problem in the world. Understanding how to achieve the same Feed Conversion Ratios (FCR) at a reduced cost requires formulation with fish peptides and high bioactive ingredients, which is far more than a poultry meal with added lysine.

Fish Meal Replacers in Feed Ingredients from 3D Solutions

Fish meal is a nutrition-rich food ingredient that is highly beneficial in animal feed. These high demand feed ingredients are becoming increasingly difficult to produce. At 3D, we go beyond the basics to create food ingredients containing fish meal replacers that will meet the FCR expectations of traditional products at a lower cost and in a sustainable manner. Contact 3D Corporate Solutions for more information about fish meal replacers and feed ingredients.