3D Corporate Solutions | Organic Fertilizers
Organic Food production is the quickly becoming accepted and even preferred by the US consumer. Come check out what 3D is doing in the Organic food production sector.
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Organic Fertilizers

Food production with organic fertilizers is quickly becoming accepted and even preferred by the U.S. consumer. Growing demands on this infrastructure requires long-term soil stewardship, rather than just quick fix type fertilizer programs. 3D Corporate Solutions offers a high quality Soluble Fish Powder, which is a long lasting and cost effective organic fertilizer.

Why Use Organic Fertilizers?

Organic or natural fertilizers have several benefits to the soil, plants, environment and consumer. Below are a few of the advantages.

Nutrient Rich: Plants require several nutrients in order to effectively grow, thrive and reproduce. Organic fertilizers consist of rich vitamins and minerals including micro and macro nutrients. Whereas chemical fertilizers only contain a few main nutrients but do not provide plants with all of the necessary nutrients needed.

Slow Release: It is difficult to over fertilize plants because organic or natural fertilizers are a slow-release and effective product. Chemical fertilizers tend to have a quick-release system. This can cause plants to easily be shocked by nutrients or have negative withdrawals after the initial nutrient shock has passed.

Ongoing Fertilization: Organic fertilizers not only provide nutrients to your plants, but they also provide significant nutrients to the soil. This encourages the soil to produce long-lasting fertilization and reproduction.

Chemical-Free Product: When organic fertilizers are used to grow plants, the end product remains chemical-free. This is beneficial because using these fertilizers will prevent ingestion of harmful products that can result in diseases or disorders.

Cost effective: Since organic fertilizers are made from natural products, the cost becomes affordable not only for the consumer but also for the food manufacturer.

Environmentally Conscious:  Chemical fertilizers can be harmful to plants, the soil and the consumer. Organic fertilizers do not cause pollution and are biodegradable.

Organic Fertilizers with 3D Corporate Solutions

3D Corporate Solutions manufactures high quality organic fertilizers such as Soluble Fish Powder. This product is cost effective and efficient in aiding the producer to manage soil health and fertility.

Soluble Fish Powder is also superior to liquid fish emulsions. It is produced in a low temperature process which enzymatically digests fish protein preserving vital factors. Liquid fish emulsions require powerful stabilizers and preservatives to avoid spoilage. Soluble Fish Powder is completely dry and requires no additives.

This fertilizer is economical because you pay for product only and not water! If you are interested in fertilizers, contact 3D Corporate Solutions. Our products are less expensive to ship, easier to handle and more stable in storage.