With millennials taking the pet world by storm, they are also changing the way society sees pets and ownership. According to an article published by Purina, there are 8 ways this new generation is beginning to redefine pet ownership.

  1. Redefining Family: Millennials are putting of getting married and having children, and replacing that part of their lives with a pet. Millennials think of their pet as part of the family and see this as a preparation for future responsibilities.
  2. Pampered Pets: Today’s pet owner is more inclined to provide their pet with the best life experience as possible. Millennials are more willing to spend money on non-essential pet items such as clothing and toys.
  3. Smarter Nutrition: Since millennials are putting more time into their pets and their quality of life, they also care about what they feed their furry friends. As a result, millennials are more likely to search for more information about what ingredients and diets they should feed their pets in order to meet their individual needs.
  4. Redefining “Pet”: For millennials, pets may help create a sense of identity for them, especially on social media. More and more young adults are taking pictures with their pets and sharing them on various social platforms. This symbolizes that millennials see pets as a form of social currency to earn validation from their followers.
  5. Building Global Communities: Today there are many examples of social media platforms that are tailed to pets. One popular pet-related blogging site, http://blogpaws.com/, is a way for pet lovers around the world to blog, share, and support their pets and others on a social stage. Social media is a great way for pet owners from across the country share information about pet-related issues and topics.
  1. Achieving More: Service animals are helping millennial achieve more than they ever thought before. No matter how big or small one’s issue may be, service pets help break the ceiling that people with disabilities never thought they could overcome.
  2. Inspiring Adventure: Millennials are becoming inspired by their pets to travel and explore the world and share the experiences with other. Pet-based travel blogs are beginning to gain popularity by featuring stories of owners travelling with their companions.
  3. Deepening Awareness: All of these new aspects that are occurring in pet ownership are creating a deeper bond between an owner and their pet. Millennial are known a caring and compassionate owners who are always looking for ways to strengthen their relationship with their pets.

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