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Quality Pet Food Ingredients

3D Corporate Solutions is one of the nation’s leading providers of pet food ingredients. If it needs to go into pet food, we can help.

  • 20 years of demonstrated capability and expertise in providing protein ingredients to the Pet Food Industry.
  • Customize grind size and analytical specifications (Mechanical separation, emulsification).
  • Specialty blends and multi species (poultry, beef, lamb, turkey, fish).
  • Bulk tanker and fresh tote capability.

Safety and quality are vital to pet food ingredients, which is why we strictly adhere to not only regulatory requirements but also the exacting standards of our customers. We maintain certification to the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing at all 3D process facilities, and are proud to have achieved scores of 95% or greater in 2019 and 2020.


3D offers many of the certifications and product claims needed to serve the evolving marketplace while still being agile enough to add specialty products for niche brands.  From APHIS country certifications to product standards for Organic, Natural and Antibiotic-Free claims, we are equipped and ready to serve a variety of requests.

Our lineup includes:

Premium Fats and Oils

In addition to offering traditionally rendered fats and oils, 3D Corporate Solutions has designed a liquid shelf-stable cooking process for custom, proprietary formulas that provide gentler processed fats to meet customer-specific needs. The cooking process is PLC-controlled and can produce to both small and large orders, supplying a golden colored finished fat. Additional processing to further remove moisture and impurities can be done to strengthen customer’s food safety controls.

Protein Meals

Using the highest quality raw materials and a stringent first in/first out program, 3D Corporate Solutions achieves the quality of fresh and stable protein meals our customers demand. Precision temperature process controls ensure food safety is achieved, while maintaining highly digestible protein.

Premium Dried Proteins

3D Corporate Solutions’ premium dried products are derived from edible parts and can be reconstituted, which means you can enhance your brand by declaring the animal protein (not meal) first on your ingredient deck. Great care is taken to protect the quality of raw materials through specialized processing, which utilizes low-temperature heat along with gentle handling and drying to produce proteins with high digestibility compared to rendered meals. You can also save money on your transport and storage costs over refrigerated or frozen meats for this stable product with less than 10% moisture.

Fresh/Frozen Pet Food Ingredients

The flexibility of 3D Corporate Solutions' fresh and frozen pet food ingredient operations enable many process and formula options for our customers. This includes the ability to target a specific pet food ingredient analytical profile, blend pet food ingredients before chilling or freezing, and specify a pet food ingredient particle size. 3D utilizes trusted vendors and stringent raw material standards to ensure quality is established from the very first step.
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